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Why You Need To Get Drain Cleans Regularly

drain cleaning

The maintenance of your plumbing system and clean drains are measures that help you keep most of the plumbing and drainage problems at bay. It is not necessary to spend a lot of your time or effort to achieve it. Some people do try DIY solutions like chemical drain cleaners from the market or baking soda to keep the drains clean.

However, a better way to deal with the issue is to call experts from SPS Eastern Suburbs, who employ efficient methods and keep the plumbing system working well.

Drains To Clean

You find a variety of drains on your property. Timely cleaning of these drains ensures the trouble-free working of your plumbing system. Pipes do not need frequent cleaning. It is enough if you get them cleaned by an experienced plumber once a year, as it will help you avoid blockages and overflow problems in the plumbing system. Here is a list of drains that need cleaning:

  • Kitchen Drains – These drains are highly vulnerable to blockages. The kitchen sink is an area where all kinds of substances like food particles,  grease, soap, etc. keep flowing into the drains. A slow build-up eventually results in a clog preventing the smooth flow of water. Our trained technicians ensure the health of your pipes and use specialized equipment to clean kitchen drains.
  • Bathroom Drains – Bathroom drains carry a slightly different load such as hair, soap, shampoo lather, etc. Some people even pour expired shampoos and lotions into the drains. If all these flow along with water, drains will not clog. But pipes clog because some substances cling to the walls of pipes and form layers over layers blocking them.
  • Floor Drains – These drains are often installed in utility rooms, basements, driveways, patios, and garages. They carry away muddy and dirty water, which results in clogs it over time. Floor drains are fitted with a trap to maintain a water layer that functions to keep the gas formed in the sewage system away from home. If you notice a foul smell emitting from these drains, you must call a plumber to clean these features immediately.

Our Drain Cleaning Process

When you hire us for the regular maintenance of your drains, we schedule the cleaning jobs correctly. As mentioned earlier, your house has different types of drains. We work systematically, and our work covers all the drains in your home from top to bottom. If you call us to clean a specific drain, we follow the following cleaning method.

  • Examination of drainage system – Our Plumber In Sydney identifies the clog’s location by examining the drainage system.
  • Removal the clog – They use various tools like drain augers to break the clog, clear it, and ensure that the water flows smoothly through the pipe.

If they find that the problem remains unresolved, then they conduct a detailed examination of the sewer system to locate the blockages. They use comprehensive techniques to clear the drains thoroughly.

For any more information about our drain cleaning services, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

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Same Day Service with 24 Hour Emergency Service

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