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Steps That Can Improve The Energy-Efficiency of Hot Water Systems

Hot water systems are built to last about 10-15 years provided you maintain and use them carefully. After installing one, if you notice that it is consuming far more energy than it should, you can’t really discard it and buy a new energy-efficient system. It is also not necessary that you replace the system immediately.

Some Tips

There are various ways to improve the energy efficiency the existing feature. This applies to all kinds of water heaters such as electric, solar, and gas water heaters. Here are some tips.

  • Insulate Your Water Pipes– Insulating the first 15 to 20 feet of pipes that lead out of the hot water system is useful. Remember that when you insulate the water pipes, it significantly increases the temperature of hot water at the showerhead or faucet.
  • Fix A Water Heater Jacket- Some hot water remains in the water tank even when the system is not in use. This heat from the water is lost through the tank walls when the insulation is substandard. This is known as standby loss. You can reduce the standby loss by about 25 to 50 percent, just by encasing the water heater in a good water heater jacket. You do not need such a jacket for newer water heaters.

Increase Water Efficiency

Your energy costs will significantly reduce once you insulate the water pipes and the heater itself, as mentioned above. Insulated pipes help to maintain the water temperature, and you are not required to keep the water running until it is warm when you get into the shower. This saves water and reduces your water bill.

Regular Maintenance

When you buy a good quality water heater, get it installed by an experienced plumber, and maintain it regularly to keep it functioning efficiently for many years.  Hire the services of an experienced plumber in Sydney to inspect the system and service it at least two times a year. They resolve all potential problems keeping your water heater system free of glitches.

Regular maintenance ensures better energy efficiency consistently and also increases the life span of the system. While you save the money by using your water heater for a longer period, you have a hassle-free water heater at your service all the time.

Replace Old Water Heaters On time

If your budget permits, replace the existing system before it stops functioning. You can expect a well-maintained water heater of a good brand to work efficiently for 10 to 15 years. An experienced plumber can determine the efficiency and condition of a water heater and advice you accordingly. Another factor in favour of replacing an old system is the higher energy efficiency of modern ones. While the upfront cost of these new and advanced systems may be higher than low quality ones, it than make up for the amount you save on energy usage in the long term. For any more information and for the best hot water system installation services, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

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