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Plumbing Upgrades Which Add to The Value of Your Property

Most people consider buying a new house as a major investment decision because it represents a big chunk of their investments. When you decide to sell it, you can maximise the sale value by making additions to your house. Upgrading toilet suites, bathrooms, and plumbing systems increase the sale price of a property.  

We at SPS Eastern Suburbs provide top-notch residential plumbing solutions to our clients. Take a look at these upgrades that can add significant value to your home:

1. Adding Bathrooms

A house with more than one bathroom fetches a higher price, as a private bathroom is a luxury. You can install a new bathroom or convert a closet into one.

2. Give A Makeover To Your Bathrooms

With every passing year, new bathroom plumbing fixtures enter the market. Even your five-year-old bathroom fixtures like tubs, toilets look outdated to prospective homebuyers.

A luxury tub in your bathroom immediately raises the value of your bathroom, and it is an index of lifestyle and comfort. Upgrading your bathroom with a bigger or fancy tub in keeping with the current trends works in your favour.

 4. Hot Water Installations are important

Do not think twice about adding excellent hot water installations. Buyers consider a flawless hot water system or a smart water installation as a necessity and are willing to pay a higher price for it.

5. Upgrading Pipes

No one likes to buy a house with an old residential plumbing and pipe system, as these require constant repairs. If you upgrade the pipes and update the plumbing system, a buyer will have no hesitation in putting forth a better offer price. 

6. Upgrade Kitchen Fixtures

When you want to sell your house, ensure that your kitchen has modern and attractive fixtures and great functionality. It is good to remodel the kitchen entirely with modular kitchen fixtures and designer taps instead of upgrading existing cabinets and countertops. You can recover that investment and far more in the sale value of your house.

7. Eco-Friendly Plumbing Installations

Eco-friendly installations are a requirement for many buyers, and plumbing installations are not an exception to this trend. Plumbing installations that conserve water and energy have higher green appeal and attract a higher value. Solar heaters, dual-flush cisterns, half-tone faucets have a silent but valuable impact on the valuation of your house.

Choose Experienced and Skilled Residential Plumbers

Do you want to sell your house at an attractive price? Our expert plumbers in Sydney can help with a complete overhaul of your plumbing installations at reasonable pricing. We have the experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment to lend a modern touch to your house’s plumbing installations. For any more information about our burst pipe repair services, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

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