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How SPS Plumbers Help With Rainwater Tank Installations

rainwater tank

Water is a precious resource, and people realise it when drought occurs. As Australia has experienced drought conditions in recent years in certain regions, water restrictions have become stricter with each passing year. It is now essential that property owners install a rainwater tank to conserve water which is a valuable natural resource.

A lot of rainwater that runs down the roof can be stored in a rainwater tank. This non-potable water is useful to flush toilets, clean bathrooms, water gardens, clean cars, as well as for washing machines. You save a lot of money by installing a rainwater tank.

As a promotional measure, Sydney Water introduced attractive water tank rebates of up to $1500. All you need to do is to connect your rainwater tank to toilets and washing machines, but this is conditional on you getting the tank installed by qualified plumbers in Sydney. We have experience and expertise in installing rainwater tanks and connecting them to your plumbing system. Call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs about a rainwater system installation, and we can do our bit to save our nation’s precious resource.

Uses of Stored Rainwater

As mentioned above, you can reuse stored rainwater for various day-to-day activities (aside from washing produce and cooking) that need water such as:

  • Watering gardens
  • Replace evaporated pool water
  • Clean the pavements
  • Wash vehicles and boats
  • Use it for toilets
  • Use in washing machines

When you store and reuse rainwater, you save your water bills that scale higher with every passing year. In addition to this, you have the advantage of getting a water rebate under the Sydney Water policy. You are eligible for this rebate when you produce the required documentation provided by us upon installation of a rainwater tank.

We supply and install any type of rainwater tank to suit the available space and their budget, and style preferences. At the time of site inspection, we explain the practical considerations in installing the tank and the requirements of Sydney Water and the local council.

Types Of Rainwater Tanks

You can choose from a variety of tanks in terms of size, type, and style. We can install corrugated colour-bond metal tanks, fibreglass tanks, polyethylene tanks, and concrete tanks in round or slim-line shape. We provide bladder tanks for installation under elevated decks and water storage products installed as an elevated wall or fence.

We will provide brochures of different rainwater tanks as well as accessories during the inspection visit to your site. Among the accessories we offer are- water pressure pumps, pump covers, filter bags, and backflow prevention devices. Once you have decided which tank and accessories you want we will issue a project quotation to you.

High Grade Rainwater Tank Installation

After you approve the quote, our team will carry out the rainwater tank installation to industry standards.  We also use high-grade products in our work and adhere to all the local codes while installing rainwater tanks on your property. We provide these services to residential, commercial and industrial clients at very cost-effective pricing

For any more information, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

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