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How Skilled Sydney Plumbers Tackle Tree Root Blockages in Drains

Tree roots seek water and nutrition, and they can grow to any length to achieve their objective. They are so resilient that no amount of obstacles can stop them from reaching the source. Your sewer lines may develop hairline cracks here and there for various reasons, and that is enough for these intruders to get into the sewer and thrive.

You become aware of their existence only after the drain is completely blocked. If you find yourself dealing with this problem, call SPS Eastern Suburbs without delay. We are known for our expertise in clearing root blocks in drains.

How Do Tree Roots Intrude Into A Drain?

All trees have primary and tertiary roots. The former keep the tree stable while the latter absorbs water and nutrition. Temporary roots grow in the direction of water sources. Let us see how the roots of a tree growing on your property find a way into your drainage system.

  • A vapour is formed by the warm water and wastage inside the sewer. It seeks to escape to the cooler soil around.  It cannot escape from a sewer system that has no cracks or loose joints.
  • But this ideal situation does not exist all the time. Sometimes, sewers develop small cracks, or the joints become loose, and the vapour finds a way out. The opportunistic tree roots in search of nutrition sense it and start growing in the direction of the point from where the vapour is escaping.
  • Once they locate the source, their feelers grow over it and find the cracks or loose joints from where they get an entry into the sewer. Even a hairline crack is a good entry point.
  • In the pipes, there is no shortage of nutrition, and they grow rapidly widening the crack as well.
  • If these roots aren’t removed immediately, they form a netlike tough barrier in the sewer, and the problem gets aggravated. The barrier does not allow food particles, toilet paper, grease, etc. to flow through the pipe and a larger clog forms which blocks your sewer system.

Addressing the Problem

There is a solution to this problem. Expert plumbers in Sydney not only remove the tree roots from the clogged drains but repair the sewage system to make it fully efficient. If they find that replacement line installation is necessary to make it crack-proof, they inform you, and after your approval, will complete the job. They follow various steps and techniques to remove the roots:

  • A root cutter machine is used to remove a stubborn root blockage in the sewerage system. The trained plumbers use this equipment efficiently to cut the hard cluster of roots easily.
  • Sometimes, cutting the roots does not solve the problem entirely, and the plumbers need to scan the entire system to locate the roots spread around.
  • After detecting the roots, they remove them by using a hydro-jetter or physical removal techniques.

For any more information about our drain blockage services, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

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