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We at SPS Eastern Suburbs provide high-grade residential plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance solutions to our customers.

We are the experienced, knowledgeable and skilled plumbers in Sydney that have the equipment and expertise to handle all types of plumbing jobs. Regular maintenance of the plumbing systems keeps various problems at bay. It helps prevent significant repair and replacement expenses in the future.

Complete Plumbing Maintenance Checklist For Your Home:

  • The best way to ensure that your plumbing is well maintained is by checking leaks of the hidden and exposed pies around your house. If they are present, you will come across small puddles and watermarks around those areas.
  • Corrosion around the pipes is also a sign of damage. Green stains start to appear around copper and brass fittings, whereas orange rust stains show up on steel and iron pipes. Regular maintenance of these should be done to avoid leaks.
  • Inspecting the water pressure through the shower heads and taps is also essential. Sometimes sedimentation in the pipes causes a low flow of water. Always check that the water flow is smooth.
  • You could also detach the shower head and check for any sedimentation. This step will not only help with a smooth water flow but also avoid corrosion of the showerhead.
  • Checking the speed of water drainage is also necessary. If the water bubbles while draining, there’s very likely a problem with the vent. Or if the water drains out slowly, it indicates the drain is clogged at some point.
  • Once in a while, it’s necessary to pull out debris or hair from the mouth of the drain to help the water flow down smoothly.

It Is Also Essential To Check:

  • That the toilets flush correctly. Always make sure that the toilet water doesn’t continue to flow even after flushing. Keep an eye out for dripping water around the tank too. Missing, chipped or rusted flush tank parts must be replaced immediately.
  • Each toilet to make sure they aren’t tilting or moving
  • If your tiles move or feel hollow when you knock on them, it usually indicates that there is a water flow beneath them. This often happens to tiles around sinks, showers, and toilets
  • For mildew and mould growth
  • The bathtub, sink, and the toilets’ caulking to see that they are not deteriorated or crumbling
  • The water heater’s burner chamber for any rust. It’s always advisable to drain the water heaters chamber to clean any sediment formation, which would avoid corrosion.
  • The flame of the water heater. Clean the jets if you see any yellow color within the blue flame.

Also, check:

  • The faucets around the house
  • The hose of your washing machine, for signs of cracks or leaks
  • If your sink has a garbage disposal system, check it
  • The central sewage system of your home occasionally
  • The house septic system

For any more information about our burst pipe repair services, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

Basic Checks That are Carried Out In a Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing systems installed properly last long provided they are inspected regularly by experienced professionals. An annual inspection goes a long way in extending the life of your plumbing system, offsetting the high costs of emergency repairs, and helping you stay on top of your property maintenance. 

At SPS Eastern Suburbs we also recommend that you inspect the plumbing system of any property you intend to buy to avoid frustrating surprises. Inspection processes differ from company to company. But here’s what you can expect from most plumbers in Sydney:

1. Visual Inspection

The purpose of a visual inspection is to identify any visible signs of problems in the plumbing system and suggest remedial action to keep it healthy and running smoothly. It involves a visual walkthrough to check the condition of joints, seams, and noticeable signs of plumbing problems. The plumber will check if there are dripping faucets, a leak and water damage, cracks in pipes, etc. Regular inspections generally exclude hard-to-access areas. However, if a client feels the need for a thorough inspection, the professional will be happy to discuss the details.

2. Toilets Checks

People overlook any plumbing problems with toilets, and experienced plumbers know it. That is why the plumbers inspect the toilet system carefully. If they detect any signs such as lack of correct drainage, running water in the toilet bowl and even stains around its base, they suggest necessary repairs. They inform the clients of the importance of repairing toilets immediately and offer solutions.

3. Drainage System Checks

During an inspection, the professionals always check the drains because flooding in sinks, and shower area is a common complaint. The check involves pouring water in various places where water collects such as the kitchen sink, bathtubs, etc. If water drains very slowly, then the problem is noted, and the experts suggest a solution for repair.

4. Backflow

Cross-connections in a plumbing system do sometimes happen and are dangerous because the potable water becomes contaminated by drainage water or some other source. Inspectors check whether the individual lines are intact and that there are no cross-connections.

Inspectors are experienced in detecting issues in various plumbing installations and features. They ensure that the plumbing system as a whole is sound and free of any problems. For any additional information, call us, and we will answer all your queries.

Preventive Plumbing Maintenance

Preventive plumbing maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that all the features and installations are in good working condition. As part of our service plans our Sydney plumbers will check:

  • Supply Line working
  • Drain condition
  • Shut-off valves
  • Water Pressure
  • Toilets and faucet leakages
  • Water Heater performance
  • Washing Machines plumbing connections
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Other

We offer the best quality services at very cost-effective pricing and make sure you get value for money. We handle residential and commercial plumbing jobs with equal amounts of expertise. For any more information about our burst pipe repair services, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

Most people consider buying a new house as a major investment decision because it represents a big chunk of their investments. When you decide to sell it, you can maximise the sale value by making additions to your house. Upgrading toilet suites, bathrooms, and plumbing systems increase the sale price of a property.  

We at SPS Eastern Suburbs provide top-notch residential plumbing solutions to our clients. Take a look at these upgrades that can add significant value to your home:

1. Adding Bathrooms

A house with more than one bathroom fetches a higher price, as a private bathroom is a luxury. You can install a new bathroom or convert a closet into one.

2. Give A Makeover To Your Bathrooms

With every passing year, new bathroom plumbing fixtures enter the market. Even your five-year-old bathroom fixtures like tubs, toilets look outdated to prospective homebuyers.

A luxury tub in your bathroom immediately raises the value of your bathroom, and it is an index of lifestyle and comfort. Upgrading your bathroom with a bigger or fancy tub in keeping with the current trends works in your favour.

 4. Hot Water Installations are important

Do not think twice about adding excellent hot water installations. Buyers consider a flawless hot water system or a smart water installation as a necessity and are willing to pay a higher price for it.

5. Upgrading Pipes

No one likes to buy a house with an old residential plumbing and pipe system, as these require constant repairs. If you upgrade the pipes and update the plumbing system, a buyer will have no hesitation in putting forth a better offer price. 

6. Upgrade Kitchen Fixtures

When you want to sell your house, ensure that your kitchen has modern and attractive fixtures and great functionality. It is good to remodel the kitchen entirely with modular kitchen fixtures and designer taps instead of upgrading existing cabinets and countertops. You can recover that investment and far more in the sale value of your house.

7. Eco-Friendly Plumbing Installations

Eco-friendly installations are a requirement for many buyers, and plumbing installations are not an exception to this trend. Plumbing installations that conserve water and energy have higher green appeal and attract a higher value. Solar heaters, dual-flush cisterns, half-tone faucets have a silent but valuable impact on the valuation of your house.

Choose Experienced and Skilled Residential Plumbers

Do you want to sell your house at an attractive price? Our expert plumbers in Sydney can help with a complete overhaul of your plumbing installations at reasonable pricing. We have the experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment to lend a modern touch to your house’s plumbing installations. For any more information about our burst pipe repair services, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

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