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Benefits of CCTV Drain Cameras in Plumbing Works

CCTV Drain Cameras

Drain blockages are a very common occurrence in most commercial establishments and residential properties too. People dread having to deal with these issues because most drain pipes are concealed either under the ground or behind walls and can be very difficult to access. The job becomes very invasive as the plumbers have to dig into the ground or rip sections of walls to identify what is causing the problem.

Its why many plumbing jobs become very expensive and disruptive as well. On commercial properties, it can sometimes result in major downtimes and loss of profitability for a business. Today, well-established plumbers in Sydney like us at SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs use advanced CCTV drain cameras in our work.

How A CCTV Drain Camera Works

This becomes a very cost-effective way to determine what the root cause of the drain block issue is. In this process, we insert a miniature camera into the affected drain pipe. This camera sends a live feed to a display screen on the ground, and our plumbers can get a clear view of the inside of the drain. This helps them identify what is causing the problem and they can fix it quickly and efficiently.

CCTV Drain Cameras- The Benefits

As a company that is very serious about the way we do business, we always use the latest tools and technology in our work. CCTV drain cameras are one of the best ways to identify plumbing problems and fix them in a cost-effective way for our customers. There are several benefits to using these devices in our work such as:

  • Clear View of Blockages- As mentioned, we use the latest devices in our work, and the camera’s display gives us a very clear idea of what is causing the blockage and where the problem lies. If there are any leaks or fissures in the drain pipes, we can view those too which helps us pinpoint the problem effectively which makes fixing it easy too.
  • 360°view– When it comes to drain pipe problems, it’s necessary to get a very broad view of the actual problem as well as the defects or damage that exist in the pipe. For example, the CCTV drain camera picks up visuals of bad joints, root obstructions, and other existing defects. This gives us a better understanding of what needs to be done to fix the problem.
  • Record the Visuals-The system also allows us to record the visuals and we can show customers exactly what is causing the obstruction and how severe it is. Our plumbers can revisit these and decide on the best plan of action.
  • Minimal disruption- Since we get a clear idea of the problem simply by inserting the camera into the drain, it helps avoid major digging. This reduces the amount of damage caused which also reduces the overall cost of the project for you.

Since we also use the non-invasive pipe relining method to fix a damaged drain pipe after water-jetting the tree roots and debris, this reduces the drain repair cost even further. For any more information, please call SPS Plumbers Eastern Suburbs at (02) 9158 3502. You can also use this Contact Us form to send us queries.

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